"A 5% increase in
customer retention
Source: Harvard/Bain

Segmentum are a boutique eCRM agency and consultancy that provide the expertise, services and technology for increasing revenue from your existing customer database.


Improve Activation

Making your budget go further by converting prospects into active customers

Increase Customer
Lifetime Value

Getting your customers to spend more each time and increase frequency of purchase

Reducing Customer

Winning back lapsed customers and preventing churn in the first place

How we do it

Customer Insight

We find insights from your data to understand purchase behaviours, indicators of next purchase and frequency to inform the planning of the CRM programme.

  • Using Cohort Analysis to show the Lifetime Value and buying patterns of key segments
  • Understanding key contributory factors that lead to churn
  • Predicting the next most likely purchases of a customer, essential for moving one-time purchasers to many
  • Segment comparison to show differences in value, behaviour and size between types of customer
  • Developing Persons's and using RFM to segment database more effectively

Single Customer View & Data Management

The building blocks for any CRM programme is the Single Customer View. Data is taken from disparate data sources, cleaned, de-duped and enriched with website browsing data.

This provides a solid foundation for understanding your customers, and segmenting your campaigns upon against any of the data you hold.

  • Get one holistic view of all customers
  • Data transformed and enriched to allow simple on-the-fly segmentation on any data point
  • Enrich customer data with additional data including a full history of website activity
  • Maintain subscription history & dedupe across more than just email address
  • Push additional data fields into your email marketing and marketing automation platforms

Creative & Campaign Planning

Using customer insight and tapping into influencing techniques and emotion, we deliver you the creative concepts and big ideas that combine data with creativity for added impact.

  • Creation of a range creative concepts to cut through inbox clutter
  • Full design service or work in conjunction with your existing design team
  • Personalisation & ‘Live Content’ such as timers, weather forecasts, maps and more used to additional impact
Personalisation & Live Email Content

We aim for truly unique content for every individual including product recommendations and tailored promotions.

Our innovative way of delivering content at the moment of open allows us to adapt emails after they have been sent based upon live stock data or user actions, and target based upon contextual factors such as location, device, weather and current time.

Crucially this also allows us to overcome some of the integration hurdles with your ESP and Marketing Automation providers for injecting one-to-one content into campaigns.

Marketing Automation

Triggered emails such as winback, welcome, nurture and next purchase campaigns are essential for a successful CRM programme. Our work helps define the priority of messaging along with arriving at cut through content that creates impact.

  • Use a 'Next Best Action' approach to ensure the highest priority campaign is delivered to each customer
  • Frequency rules to prevent email overload
  • Enrich customer data with additional data including a full history of website activity
  • Integrated with your Email Service Provider - no need to change email marketing systems
  • Built-in reporting to show incremental uplift campaigns deliver

Measurement & Attribution

Using control cells against every campaign we are able to show the incremental uplift of your eCRM activity rather than relying on basic open, click and conversion stats.

Additional customer insights are delivered through customer centric reports including cohort analysis & customer segment reports.

Furthermore we track every single web visit a customer makes, including the traffic source that delivers them to your site. This allows us to create attribution reports which detail how successful your acquisition channels are at delivering new, valuable customers or whether they simply canabalise existing customer sales.

  • Get one holistic view of all customers
  • Data transformed and enriched to allow simple on-the-fly segmentation on any data point
  • Enrich customer data with additional data including a full history of website activity
  • Maintain subscription history & dedupe across more than just email address
  • Push additional data fields into your email marketing and marketing automation platforms

Data Acquisition & Enrichment

An area of our expertise is creating microsites and referral programmes for capturing new customers, complete with profile and transactional data for personalising their future communications.

  • Fully managed instore data capture campaigns
  • Member-get-member programmes with automated fulfilment of incentives
  • Online targeted lightbox campaigns for quadrupling online email signups

Cart & Browse Recovery

Using website browsing data we are able to target campaigns based upon actions customers have taken onsite. Typically, these campaigns deliver over 5% of all online revenue.

  • Send both Cart & Browse Recovery campaigns
  • Increase the match rate of site visitors to email address with our cookie based solution
  • Use browsing data to personalise other campaigns
  • Integrated with sales taken offline through the telephone or in-store

Email Marketing Strategy, Tactics & Optimisation

With decades of experience of running award-winning email campaigns our team have the knowledge to extract extra revenue out of your existing email programme.

  • Health-checks & audits of your entire email programme
  • Overhaul of templates & campaigns to improve click-rate and engagement
  • Design of Customer Journey communications
  • Define A/B & Multi-variate Testing strategy and plans
  • Resolve Email Deliverability issues at major providers such as Hotmail, Yahoo & Gmail
  • Managed Email Service Provider & Marketing Automation selection process

Some of our work

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16x ROI with 70+ Trigger Emails

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Frame are a boutique fitness business with several studios across London and a classic use case for CRM with the need to retain members who lose that motivation. Work has included:

  • Initial customer insight to understand customer behaviour, churn and lifetime value to enable the planning of a full suite of emails
  • Over 100 trigger emails with infinite personalisation variables across activation, onboarding, engagement and winback campaigns delivering over £250,000 of incremental revenue per annum
  • Highlights include personalised timetables featuring classes in their favourite genres, updated in real-time as they open the email
  • Development of innovative friend referral programme for acquistion of new customers

Following the creation and ongoing optimisation of these emails Frame see a 16x ROI

Instore Data Capture & Personalised CRM

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Jones Bootmaker are an established footwear retailer with over 100 shops across the UK and a thriving online store.

Segmentum developed an in-store 'free gift with every purchase' promotion where customers would enter their details along with reciept number on the special micro-site. This allowed Jones to link the email sign-up with the purchase information, and instantly fulfil any incentives.

  • 25% of customers would leave their details allowing Jones to grow their database by over 20% in the first month alone
  • Additional emails with a bespoke set of recommendations were sent within 30 days to customers inspiring customers to make a 2nd purchase online
  • The creative was given added impact by replacing the branding within the hero shoe with that of the customer
  • 1 in 60 purchased for the 2nd time as a result of receiving this email

Increasing Activation & Reducing Churn with 'live' personalisation

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easyfundraising are a shopping site that enables supporters of good causes such as their child's school, local sports club or personal challenge to raise a donation every time they shop online.

Remembering to visit the site prior to shopping is the key challenge and as a result there was a requirement to both help activate new supporters, and reactivate supporters who have stopped using the service.

Segmentum helped create a number of creatives with innovative 'live' email content functionality to create added impact and connect emotionally with supporters. This included:

  • Live animated timers for inactive supporters showing how long since they raised for their cause, constantly ticking up in seconds
  • Developed a shopping preferences survey that calculated a personalised shopping list for the supporter, raising awareness of the breadth of shopping experiences that allow them to raise
  • Promotion of the desktop browser toolbar or mobile app based upon the device the email is opened on
  • Maps of alternative causes in their area for those who may wish to change the cause they support

98% uplift in enquiries with pet based personalisation

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PetsPyjamas is the number one destination for stylish pets and their owners, offering 1000’s of accessories and dog-friendly holidays.

Having captured information about the name and breed of owners pets Segmentum helped utilise this in a personalisation strategy.

Firstly a concept was developed where one of the office dogs sent a postcard to the owners pets, talking about their holiday, complete with tailored recommendations based upon their past preferences. This led to over a 320% increase in click-rate and doubled the travel enquiries compared to traditional emails.

Numerous additional emails including pet birthday, breed specific, winback and pre-departure emails helped contribute to further improvements in revenue, conversion and engagement.

Bringing live TV Shopping into the inbox

JewelleryMaker is a TV shopping channel & one of the largest UK sellers of handmade jewellery supplies, offering wide range of products for DIY jewellery making projects.

Segmentum provides support across the full spectrum of CRM activies including:

  • Creation of live widgets that update at the moment of open with the latest TV products, deals and show times. This saves valuable production time while also enhancing the customer experience
  • A custom suite of Cart & Browse Recovery emails designed for the unique world of TV shopping
  • On-site data collection to capture new customers and their interests delivering over 100% increase in data collection rates
  • Full customer analytics to demonstrate customer behaviour, lifetime value, repeat purchase patterns and much more


Our proprietary technology platform upgrades rather than replaces your current ESP or Marketing Automation solution, filling any gaps in capability.

These include:

  • Live email content such as countdown timers, store locators and personalised images
  • Multi-channel campaigns across email, social, direct mail, mobile and more
  • Campaign Decsioning for extra precision and control over who receives what email and when
  • Behavioural tracking to power cart & browse recovery emails
  • Personalised product recommendations
  • Predictive Analytics to understand everything from the best time to send, to which offer will most likely get a conversion for the customer
  • Attribution to show the value of each traffic source in delivering new customers

With Segmentum you don’t have to change your Email Service Provider – we will work with all of them.

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You don't need to switch from your ESP to work with Segmentum - we'll work with every email platform

Who we are

Segmentum is run by Sean Duffy, a multi-award winning eCRM consultant with over 15 years experience who lives and breathes all things email and CRM.

Having spent 10 years providing consultancy to key accounts across all key verticals at a leading Email Service Provider, Sean took the leap to move client-side for 2 years, helping a European footwear retailer increase revenue from CRM by 300%.

Following this adventure Sean founded Segmentum to help businesses deliver more revenue from their customer database.

Current clients vary from SME’s to household names and work with us on anything from small one-off projects through to full outsourcing of their entire eCRM programme.

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Made in Leicester

Founded by a team of award winning email marketing professionals Segmentum is always looking for more great talent to join our team at our Leicester HQ.