We are an email marketing agency that offer solutions to make every email you send relevant.

Our platform upgrades rather than replaces your ESP, adding a greater depth of capabilities around trigger emails, 1:1 product recommendations & live content pulled into the email at the point of open.

It's more than just technology though - our expert team provide a full suite of email services from template design to campaign deployment and strategic consultancy.

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You don't need to switch from your ESP to work with Segmentum - we'll work with every email platform


Recover 90% more revenue than other cart recovery solutions

Segmentum helps online brands return customers who abandon their purchase using a series of personalised emails, with the ability to reach more customers than traditional cart recovery tools.

  • Send a series of emails to customers who abandoned carts, and site visitors who are simply browsing
  • Identify an extra 92% of site visitors email addresses with a range of matching techniques
  • Features you never knew you needed including A/B Testing, Attribution, Product conversion reporting
  • Effortless implementation with one-line of Javascript
  • Works with every ESP
  • Flat-rate pricing reduces costs compared to commission based providers by 90%

Send Any Type Of Triggered Email & Manage Infinite Customer Journeys

Segmentum uses a 'next best action' methodology that allows infinite different customer journeys. While marketing automation workflow tools can only handle a small number of segments with pre-defined journeys, Segmentum breaks free of these constraints and makes it easier to add new triggers, manage frequency & get more accurate reporting with built-in control group analysis.

  • Send any type of triggered email including welcome emails, reactivation, next purchase and cart recovery emails
  • Keep adding layers of additional segmenation to campaigns without increasing complexity
  • Control campaign priorities through drag and drop ordering
  • Manage the frequency and cadence of messages to ensure customers are not fatigued
  • Define segmentation rules based upon any data source including customer attributes, past purchases, browsing behaviour & past campaigns sent
  • Use 'Send time optimisation' to deliver emails at the time the customer is most likely to respond
  • Treat every campaign as an experiment with control cells to get a true picture of the impact of the campaign rather than rely on outdated last-click attribution models
  • Integrates with every ESP

Add unique recommendations into every email campaign

Using millions of pieces of data Segmentum learns the taste of every one of your customers to deliver fresh, relevant recommended products in every email, while up to doubling the revenue over hand-picked product emails.

  • Bespoke product recommendations built especially for email
  • Create endless 'flavours' of recommendations to fit with your content calendar
  • Recommendations served in real-time as the customer opens the email
  • Freshness maintained with frequency rules to prevent the same products being shown in every email
  • Customise the look & feel of how your recommendations will appear
  • Simply add the provided image tags to add to your emails, with no painful ESP integration

Personalise your email campaigns at the point of open

Create more engaging and relevant email experiences by personalising emails as the customer opens using contextual information such as location, weather and device. Key uses include:

  • Update the latest offer even after the original promotion has expired
  • Use current location to display nearest stores
  • Display different content and products based upon the weather in the recipients current location
  • Promote mobile apps, toolbars and other device specific content
  • Combine with first-party data to deliver different messages to different types of customer


Segmentum are backed by an award winning team of email marketing veterans who have been in the email industry since 2003. We offer a full range of email services from responsive template design through to campaign management and strategic services. Whether you need ad-hoc help to fill resource gaps, ongoing outsourced campaigns or a full strategic re-development of your email programme we have the expertise to assist you.

Some of our Recent work

Recovering lost bookings by email

The River Cruise Line are an established tour operator offering a variety of river cruises to the over 50's market. With each cruise having a number of options and itineraries a high abandonment rate has been seen across bookers and those simply browsing the website.


  • Single line of code deployed on every page of the website & integrated with the reservations system to capture bookings made via the call centre.
  • 43% of customers browsing the website can be matched to an email address
  • Separate programmes for those abandoning a booking and those simply browsing, with incentives tested at emails 2 and 3
  • First email delivered within an hour of abandonment via their existing ESP
  • Recommendations of alternatives tours included based upon the tours browsed in the session they abandoned


River Cruise Line achieved £12.32 incremental revenue recovered per email sent, as measured against the control group.

Increasing relevancy with product recommendations

Jones Bootmaker are an established footwear retailer with over 100 stores and a thriving online presence. The email marketing activity was primarily generic with segmentation limited to gender splits, leading to lower engagement and repeat purchase rates.


  • Recommendation model designed to inspire the next purchase based upon their taste.
  • Unlike most recommendation models which are good at recommending more products similar to those they have already purchased, this was not suitable for Jones. After all once a customer has bought a pair of black work shoes the last thing they want to see in an email are more black work shoes.
  • Utilises both past in-store & online purchase history along with browsing data to identify the customers taste.
  • Seasonal campaigns used recommendations of only those products in the promotion, or those that matched the theme of the email.
  • Simple deployment by adding basic HTML tags into the email with full customisation of how products should appear.


Emails using recommendations showed a 58% increase in clicks with the 30 day post purchase email seeing 1 in 60 purchase.

Implementing a single customer view for targeted email campaigns

Diamond Holidays are a tour operator offering coach tours across the UK. Email marketing was restricted to simple weekly batch & blast activity with no targeting. Data held in the reservation system had numerous duplicate records making it difficult to see a full picture of every customer.


  • Segmentum implemented a Single Customer View to de-duplicate & clean customer data and provide a full history of bookings, enquiries and website browsing history of every customer.
  • Using the Segmentum proprietary 'Decisioning Engine' to calculate the next best communication to deliver to every customer, Diamond were able to control email frequency and ensure customers were not bombarded with multiple email programmes with differing incentives and messaging.
  • Triggered programmes included booking & browse abandonment, brochure follow-ups, pre/post departure emails and late availability promotions.
  • All emails were sent via their existing ESP and included holiday recommendations including just showing tours departing from within 10 miles of their home location.
  • Segmentum automatically allows the setup of control cells and split tests of triggered programmes allowing them to see the incremental uplift of each email within their dashboard.r


The trigger emails achieve up to 58% open rates and 18% click-thru rates with as much as £22 incremental revenue generated per email sent.

Using a live store locator within email promotions

Brantano are a family footwear retailer with over 150 stores across the UK. With new stores and concession outlets opening and other stores closing customer awareness of where their nearest Brantano store is was less than ideal.


  • Using the 'Store Locator' widget Brantano were able to add a map and details of the customers nearest stores into any email
  • Upon opening the email Segmentum would deliver the map and nearest stores based upon either the customers postcode, the store they registered in or where they opened the email based upon IP address
  • Each time the customer opened the email the map would refresh with any new stores and closed stores removed
  • Implementation was simple by dropping a single HTML tag into the email and providing Segmentum with a store address list


The ROI of Cart Recovery

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