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Maximise your CRM Potential
From Spray & Pray to
Precise & Predictable

The CRM experts that help online brands like yours grow by increasing revenue from your existing customers.

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Do you recognise these CRM Challenges?

We solve these problems so you can grow your business with increased customer retention.



If you can’t personalise, you resort to discounting & sending ever more email

Without the right tech, data & expertise for personalisation your CRM has a ceiling of effectiveness. You won’t be able to grow with retention sustainably & your list will become fatigued.



If you are too busy sending yet another campaign, you can’t develop your CRM strategy

Internal pressures can mean you are always chasing short-term revenue goals with last minute campaigns & constant changes. You need the tools & tactics to meet this demand that don’t break your team.



If your CRM activity isn’t generating significant wins, you’ll find it hard to justify the investment it needs.

Most CRM ‘Best Practice’ focusses on tactics such as A/B testing, basic automations or templates & messaging. Rather than the marginal gains these deliver, you need a strategy that will give you a transformational growth.



If you don’t have access to the right tech or data teams your CRM projects will grind to a halt.

Without dedicated tech resources you’ll always be fighting with other teams for a share. There will be long lead times & small ‘sprints’ for you to fit your long list into.

Start winning at CRM

Grow Revenue with 1:1 Personalisation

Remove the resource & tech barriers to accelerating the rollout of personalised campaigns.

Get time back to work on CRM strategy

Work on projects that make a real difference to your business rather than bogged down in day-to-day campaign builds.

Generate big wins with CRM

Develop a CRM strategy that creates transformational, not marginal results.

Work faster: Autonomous CRM teams

Never get held up waiting for tech teams. Have all the tools & data you need at your fingertips.
How we work
Make sense of your customer data
We take your entire transaction history and show you the drivers of lifetime value, where customers are lapsing, repeat purchase patterns and more, delivering this as bespoke dashboards that can be filtered to answer any customer questions.
Define a CRM Strategy
Using our data insights, we work with you to build a CRM strategy tailored to your objectives and priorities – we don’t just list the usual best practice checklist to follow.
Execute Personalised Campaigns
It won’t come as a surprise that at the heart of the CRM strategy will be highly personalised campaigns. Using our expertise and specialist technology we will help you to implement 1:1 personalised campaigns that reactivate lapsed customers, increase LTV and improve repeat purchase rates.
Enhanced CRM Tech Stack
To implement & evolve projects quickly we have 'Reignite', our suite of proprietary CRM tech that includes a Customer Data Platform, AI Product Recommendations, Reporting Dashboards and much more. We fill the gaps your IT teams are too busy to support, or your existing martech can't fulfil.
Streamline Processes
To free up your time we help replace manual activity with automated processes & tools that strip out chunks of time spent creating content, managing customer segments, creating reports and anything else that prevents you from focussing on productive work.
The 90 Day CRM Sprint
We build out a roadmap of activity in clear, digestible 90-day segments. This ensures new initiatives are delivered in every quarter, building momentum to generate significant revenue opportunities each year.
Winning Results
A small selection of the results we've delivered for our clients.
Incremental Increase in customer spend with personalised campaigns
Hours a year saved by automating campaign content creation
Increase in bookings with personalised travel recommendations

What makes us different?

You'll get there faster
Don't let technology limitations slow down your CRM projects.

Our proprietary suite of cutting-edge tools, including the Reignite personalisation platform, enables us to rapidly implement at reduced costs, ensuring your projects are delivered in days or weeks, not months and years.
Experience Matters
Benefit from our 20+ years of industry-leading experience and a track record of multiple awards.

Unlike agencies with inexperienced account handlers, you work directly with our founders, who bring deep insights from both agency and client-side roles to drive unparalleled success.
Beat your competitors
Your competitors are working with agencies that rely on rolling out the same generic work that are make it easy to scale across the agencies many clients, but won't give you the performance increases you need.

We embrace a boutique philosophy, tailoring our strategies to address your unique challenges.

By crafting bespoke solutions, we provide you with a distinctive competitive edge over your rivals.
Frequently Asked Questions
Who will we be working with?
You are assigned a consultant who will be your single point of contact, working with you on a day-to-day basis. This person will have a wealth of experience – they aren’t just out of university, and as we don’t have salespeople you get to meet them and verify their knowledge first hand.
Why should we choose Segmentum over other agencies?
Other agencies are often just people who have got a basic certificate off a marketing automation platform and churn out the same old strategies to every single client, limited by their capabilities and the off the shelf technology available to them.

Our agency is for those that want a more personalised, bespoke service, delivered by true experts in their field. By having access to our own technology, we can not only execute faster, we just don’t have the same limitations we have to work within.
What does working with you look like?
Most of our work is on a retained basis for a fixed monthly fee that covers the suite of services. This might notionally be based upon a day rate, but we are flexible with when this time is needed across the year.

This means you sometimes will need to see us more than your own family (especially initially), but naturally there are quieter times as your other internal priorities bog you down.

Each project and client is different and may require different levels of time at our clients offices than others.

We also do one-off or shorter projects.
What marketing channels do you work with?
All the retention channels but obviously email dominates our line of work. But direct mail, push notifications, social retargeting, SMS and personalised websites are all regular parts of our armoury.

We don’t do any work for acquisition channels such as PPC and Paid Social beyond retargeting – but we will show you how well each of those performs in bringing in quality new customers.
Are you a tech agency or do you help on strategy?
We originated as a strategy agency, but you can’t do effective CRM without the technical tools and skills. Just because we know SQL don’t just assume we are a bunch of geeks without commercial acumen.
Can you write, design and manage our email marketing?
We do get heavily involved in arriving at creating concepts for personalised campaigns but if you are looking at day-to-day production of emails there are other agencies better suited to that activity.
Is my data safe with you?
Yes, but we would say that wouldn’t we. When we talk, we can go into detail about our approaches to customer data but expect as standard secure data transfer, access policies and more. You might find it inconvenient at times, but we do it for a reason – and no, you can’t just email us your customer database in a CSV file!
Where are you based?
Leicester, UK but operate across the UK with some international clients. We often work from our client offices to for optimum collaboration
What technology do I get with your services?
'Reignite' is our real-time email personalisation platform that integrates with all email platforms to inject a variety of personalised content including AI product recommendations and much more into your campaigns. This overcomes limitations within your email marketing tools to send 1:1 personalised emails.

Our Customer Data Platform takes all of your customer and transactional data to create a single customer view, with added data enrichment to enhance segmentation in your marketing automation platform, website behavioural tracking to power campaigns like cart & browse abandonment and the ability to push the data wherever it is needed.

Custom dashboards are made available that give you all the information you need about your customers.

‘Inbox or Spam’, our email deliverability monitoring service to ensure your emails aren’t landing in the junk folder.
Do I have to use your technology?
Nope – we are an agency first and foremost. The technology was built to service clients that either didn’t have the capabilities with their marketing automation or don’t have the internal resource.
We need something bespoke – can you build it?
Absolutely – over the years we have helped many a marketing team by creating bespoke solutions whether that is content management systems to automate email campaign builds, integrations between your internal business systems and marketing automation platform, campaign microsites, voucher code systems, NPS surveys and much more.
Can you help us find a new marketing automation platform?
Yes of course – but new tech on its own is nothing without the right strategy and data integrations. Changing platform can be a real sinkhole of lost time and effort and doesn’t increase revenue on its own.

Usually there are areas we can support to dramatically enhance your existing capabilities such as enhanced data fields for superior segmentation and personalised product recommendations.
How much do your services cost?
Our services are bespoke so we don’t have a public price list but we can say that our rates tend to be far more competitive than larger agencies – we don’t have account handlers and sales people that need to be paid, you work directly with those providing the service.

Let’s have a chat and we can quickly give you a ballpark cost after a 5-minute conversation.
How long a contract do I need to sign?
For the majority of our clients we don’t actually have long-term contracts. We can do small one-off projects such as an email marketing audit, through to retained work to manage your whole CRM strategy and infrastructure.

We are firm believers that if we do amazing work for our clients they will have no reason to stop working with us.
Can my marketing agency white label your services?
Sometimes but we are selective. We would need to chat and make sure our ways of working are compatible. Our number one goal is to do the right thing for the customer, even if it means billing less – if you have the same approach talk to us.
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