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Understanding customer behaviour to improve retention & lifetime value
CRM Strategy
Customer Analysis
Customer Data Platform


TV Shopping network Gemporia operate a series of TV shopping channels across jewellery, crafts and lifestyle categories.

Gemporia needed a CRM partner to help their team understand customer shopping behaviour and execute strategies to improve retention and lifetime value.

Since 2018 Segmentum have managed all customer data and work closely with Gemporia to implement new personalised campaigns across the CRM journey.

Customer Analysis & Dashboards

One of our primary tasks was to tell the customer story to the team, getting them to think about their business from a customer perspective, and show what is really happening beyond the bottom line.

That led to a full suite of live reports and dashboards being made available to the business to inform trading and CRM strategy including cohort analysis demonstrating changes in new customer acquisition and retention, how different behaviours impact lifetime value and much more.

Customer Data Platform

A full set of customer, order, product and schedules is securely sent to Segmentum where our Reignite CDP transforms the data into a live 360 view of a customer, with hundreds of extended attributes for advanced personalisation and segmentation. This includes category preferences, favourite TV presenters, spend levels and much more.

This data is all synced with Gemporia's marketing automation platform every few minutes, removing the need for custom data selections by internal IT resources and opening up possibilities for new types of automated campaigns.

Automated TV Guide Campaigns

Gemporia Craft brand JewelleryMaker were spending 3 days a week manually producing content for TV show promotions.

We built a system to automatically produce and send these emails, enabling them to increase the frequency while saving time. Instead of spending 3 days a week, only a handful of hours were required.

Additionally, incremental revenue increased by 20% thanks to the increase in the frequency of send.


TV shoppers have a higher lifetime value than a typical e-commerce customer so it is vital to retain lapsing customers. Through our analysis and predictive models we demonstrated when customers in different groups are both ‘lapsing’ and ‘lapsed’ – far more effective than arbitrary cut offs such as ‘90 days’.

Email and postal mailings across a series of personalised reactivation creatives were created that have delivered up to 18% of lapsed customers returning.

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