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Delivering a full-suite of CRM services since 2016
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Frame are a London based fitness studio with additional live stream and on demand options, with a mission to get more people moving their bodies in a way that makes them FEEL great...

Segmentum have been working with Frame since 2016 to support them on all aspects of CRM.

Customer Analysis & CRM Strategy

Back in 2016 Frame were in a period of high growth – much of their time had been focussed on acquiring customers but now the business needed to think about retention rates and lifetime value. Our initial brief was to support them getting CRM up and running, starting with a deep dive into their customer data to understand customer behaviour and set strategies.

From here we accelerated the implementation of CRM campaigns, reaching over 70 automated campaigns within the first year, all carefully measured with hold out groups to identify which messaging delivered incremental uplifts.

Customer Data Platform

To lay the foundations for CRM we have integrated with the various backend systems to create a single customer view that integrates with their marketing automation platform, and has provided the foundation for running various forms of customer analysis and dashboards.

In our time of partnering with Frame they have migrated internal systems on 3 different occasions, and on each occasion we have undertaken the work of updating the single customer view, taking the challenge of combining data in different formats from multiple systems.

We now have hundreds of individual data points calculated in near real-time made available to segment and personalise CRM campaigns as required.

Personalised Customer Experience Emails

Our favourite campaigns to create with Frame have been the personalised stats campaigns, used to motivate Framers each month. These have a number of data points such as when they have been to classes, their favourite instructors, minutes they have been exercising and more, displayed in a series of engaging visual templates.

These lead to considerable Instagram share behaviour, and indeed Framers who didn’t attend enough classes to qualify emailing in to ask where their email is!

Our support of these has consisted of both custom data feeds to personalise each email, and our Reignite platform for creating personalised images and charts.

Iterable Integration & Support

As Frame matured it became clear they had finally outgrown their basic email marketing platform and needed a platform to support their growing requirements.

After an extensive search Segmentum introduced Frame to Iterable which was selected as their chosen platform due to its extensive data capabilities that suit businesses with a non-standard data model like Frame.

As specialists with Iterable we were able to do the migration in record time – with all data including booking and purchase history migrated in under a week and continue to support Frame to this day with any Iterable based tasks and projects, whether it be supporting on personalisation syntax, complex segments and journeys, or simply syncing additional fields from the customer data platform.

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