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Partnering on CRM since 2015
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Easyfundraising is the UK's biggest charity fundraising site - you do your usual online shopping and your good cause gets donated a small percentage of the total.

Segmentum have been a key CRM partner with easyfundraising since 2015. During this time we have worked alongside internal marketing data and tech teams on numerous CRM initiatives to increase supporter acquisition & retention, execute personalisation projects & improve the productivity of the marketing team.

Campaign Personalisation

At the heart of these successes has been the creation of personalised content within these programmes. Our expertise in this sphere pushed easyfundraising by opening up they didn’t think were possible, nor knew where to start in terms of implementation.

Key to this is our Reignite platform that allows the creation of personalised images that update as the email is opened. This has allowed us run campaigns such as promoting the adoption of browser plugins or mobile apps, and dynamically change the messaging and call-to-actions based upon the device they are using to read the email.

Crucially having our own personalisation tech that works with their existing marketing automation platform has simplified and sped up personalisation projects by reducing the complexity of implementation and reducing reliance on internal tech resources.

Accelerating CRM Projects with bespoke tech

Segmentum have also been there to support the CRM team when internal tech resource is too busy to support their immediate needs, or where they wish to test a quick hypothesis without risking blocking development teams from working on core activities.

One such area has been creation of a number of personalised microsites specific to each of their causes to support various campaign initiatives.

Other such support has been in building bespoke content management systems that enable non-technical staff to quickly create campaigns without any coding.

This includes their ‘skyscraper’ retail emails which contain dozens of retail partner offers and were previously built from scratch. By replacing this with a simple process that uses a Google Sheet that turns this into the finished HTML we dramatically reduced the time it takes to build emails, reduced error and removed the substantial costs of dedicated email coders.

Marketing Automation Platform Support & Migration to Iterable

The way the easyfundraising marketing team is structured means campaign activity is split across a range of Marketing Executives where CRM is just one of their primary activities. Segmentum therefore act as a support team to help them implement more advanced automations, segments or personalisation in their marketing automation tool.

With the incumbent platform Adobe Campaign requiring more expert support than ideally required for day to day activities we also helped easyfundraising review alternatives leading to the implementation of our partner Iterable.

Using our knowledge of both Iterable and easyfundraising we supported the migration process, including building tools to automatically migrate over 300 email templates from the existing platform to Iterable, automatically re-writing all the dynamic syntax so no manual effort was required.

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