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Arena Travel
Increasing repeat booking rates with CRM
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Arena Travel offer a wide range of escorted tours including river cruises, rail holidays and specialist interest holidays.

Arena Travel had limited internal tech and data resources yet relied upon direct mail and CRM to drive bookings. Segmentum stepped in to manage customer data and provide support across all CRM initiatives.

Single Customer View

At the heart of all CRM activity is the Single Customer View (SCV) Segmentum developed and maintained within our Reignite Customer Data Platform. This received all data from live and historical booking systems, along with website browsing data and brochure requests.

As most data was captured via the call centre with a high potential for data quality and consistency issues the SCV used sophisticated deduping rules on customer records ensuring J Smith and Mr John Smyth of the same postcode are treated as one.

Feeds from the SCV with enriched data sets against each customer were then integrated with their email marketing platform to ensure customers only received information on tour types they have an interest in, while also providing an accurate data source for direct mailing selections.

Customer Analysis & Dashboards

Data from the SCV was also used to provide insight into customer behaviour, including a breakdown of repeat booker rates and new customer acquisition.

All reports were made available through live dashboards that included various filtering options to allow the team to drill into trends and patterns within customer and booking data across the business and for planning trading activities.

Traveller Feedback

Refining the quality of holidays and picking up on potential problems clearly has an impact on repeat booking rates.

To support the product teams in this automated reviewrequests via Feefo were sent via the SCV, with different attributes to rate on for different types of holiday. To drive greater productivity and ensure evenmore in-depth insights the traditional end of holiday paper based questionnaire was replaced with one of 10 different online surveys streaming results directly into real-time dashboards for instant analysis.

Behavioural Emails

With consideration periods for travel typically lasting around 2 weeks from first search to booking Arena needed a method for keeping their brand front of mind during this time. This was achieved by deploying our website tracking code to capture what customers were searching for and tours they viewed allowing the delivery of highly personalised follow-up emails with additional recommended tours they might like to explore.

Measured with random hold out cells excluded from activity, these delivered an incremental £75K of revenue in the first 6 months post launch.

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