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Full replacement of marketing tech stack
CRM Strategy
Iterable Implementation
Bespoke CRM Tools


PeoplePerHour is an online community of freelance talent that helps companies outsource specific projects to remote workers when needed.

PeoplePerHour had a disparate set of internal systems and entry level tools for managing CRM.

We set out to redefine their strategy and implement the optimum tech stack for this business operating 24/7 globally.

Audit & Strategy Plan

Overtime hundreds of automated email messages had been setup, all of which were independent of each other causing constant overload of customers inboxes, but also creating a major maintenance issue.

Our first job was to audit all of these processes and simplify the messaging. Analysis and control tests were run on ongoing communications that enabled reducing email volume by over 75% with zero reduction in new jobs being posted.

Beyond that initial firefighting stage more detailed customer analysis was undertaken to understand the purchase patterns of job posters including activation, 2nd job conversion rate, churn and LTV.

This formed the basis of a strategy plan that served to form the requirements of the marketing tech stack.

Marketing Tech Stack Review

There were 4 different systems all powering CRM communications including internal transactional email (which included some triggered campaign messaging), a marketing automation tool for other triggered comms, an internal newsletter tool that sent daily automated campaigns to the subscribed list, and Mailchimp for other adhoc sends.

Combining all of these tools capabilities along with the strategy document we created the RFP document and managed the selection process for replacing these with a single vendor.

After a shortlist of 3 Iterable was chosen as the partner. Iterable stood out with its modern schemaless data architecture that was able to accommodate a non-standard business like PeoplePerHour, it’s intelligent international timezone sending capability and it’s suite of productivitiy tools to allow junior marketers to manage the whole email programme with ease.

In addition to helping select the right vendor a number of technical briefs were created for the to build supporting capabilities including a voucher code system and refinement to freelancer recommendation algorithms.

Iterable Implementation

Segmentum managed the full implementation of Iterable on behalf of PeoplePerHour before training and handing over to the internal teams. This included:

  • Data schema planning and consultancy to maximise the opportunities with Iterable
  • Integration between Iterable and internal transactional systems
  • Project Management, testing, validation & QA of all data integrated with Iterable
  • Template creation and all required dynamic content and personalisation scripting
  • Migration of key campaigns including automated daily emails and newsletters
  • Creation of new key journeys including activation and reactivation
  • Documentation & training for the internal marketing and tech teams
  • Support with recruitment of CRM team


Segmentum left Peopleperhour with an optimum CRM setup for their organisation, but also the documented processes and team ready to accelerate their retention efforts.

The new CRM environment allowed marketing to take control without reliance on internal tech teams, speeding up the continual test and learn approach within key CRM journeys.

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