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CRM Tech to support your CRM strategy
Say goodbye to barriers and time delays with our suite of CRM & Personalisation solutions, designed to work harmoniously with your current marketing automation tools.
Reignite is our proprietary platform built to support the modern CRM needs of today’s brands. Rather than replace your marketing automation system Reignite integrates directly with it to increase the range and depth of capabilities around segmentation and personalisation.

Reignite has a number of core features:
Customer Data Platform
Our Customer Data Platform (CDP) takes all of your data including orders, customer accounts, product data and website activity, and stitches it all together to create a single view of the customer.

In addition we calculate additional data points about each customer, add layers of predictive data and sync that with your marketing automation tool, unlocking the ability to run whatever personalised campaign you desire.
AI Recommendations
Personalisation Recipe Builder
Our Recipe Builder is a first of its kind solution that allows the creation of highly personalised product selections into any email, complete with your own merchandising rules.

Alongside the Recipe Builder, AI Product Recommendations can be created to rank the order of products for each individual customer.
Personalised Images
Animated Timers
Data Driven Images
Real-time Email Content
Reignite can also produce personalised real-time email content that refreshes on each open of the message.

This has a huge range of uses for high impact content from personalised images with the customers name, animated timers, weather targeted content or content from any data source or API.

More CRM Tools & Tech

Email Deliverability
Inbox or Spam
As you imagine nowadays much of our work is in the email marketing channel. Ensuring your email arrives in customers inboxes and not the junk folder therefore is a key part of that.

We built Inbox or Spam so we can monitor every email you send, and get alerted when spam problems occur.
Content Management Tools
Custom Integrations
Bespoke CRM Solutions
Off the shelf technology doesn’t exist to support everything you might need to support you with your CRM programme. That’s why we’ll often simply build something to support it.

That could be custom content management tools, integrating data from your transactional systems, personalised microsites, referral programmes and much more. We can build things you’ve always dreamed of but never had the resource for.
Marketing Automation
While we are agnostic when it comes to marketing automation platforms (and we will work with whatever our client chooses) we still have strong opinions.

And that's why Segmentum are proud partners of Iterable - what we believe to be the premier marketing automation platform.

Having implemented Iterable on a number of occasions for our clients the platform stands out for it's modern approach to making it easy to store all the data you need to segment, personalise and trigger comms across all channels - including your website. It's also being backed by an amazing team, has flexible commericals and a product roadmap that delivers continual innovation.
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